Ananda & Luke Oxford

Superior Homes

Looking for a Superior builder… you’ve found it! Superior Homes are quality builders with an incredible reputation AND charge at an incredibly good price. This well-respected industry builder doesn’t have to pay for marketing costs as their reputation proceeds them. My husband and I were very daunted starting out on this journey. It was our first time building a home together. Plus, this project was on a scale far grander than what either of us had done before. We’d seen many advertisements for other big brand builders, but never heard of Superior Homes. Working in the construction industry, three colleagues emphasised how amazing Superior Homes were in building their own homes. After having lengthy conversations with many people in the industry, we felt like we’d uncovered an industry secret! We also bought in one of the craziest times when the building industry was experiencing many delays. But Superior commenced construction the month before they had promised and finished 3 weeks early! There were houses that started before us and were still 3 months from being finished after us as their builder had run out of materials or struggling to get things done. I’ve seen many things go wrong when you pick the wrong builder and we had complete quality from the beginning to end. As it was our first build, we hired and they were pushing to find a single thing! Their report stated, “This is a well presented house and a credit to the supervisor and trades.” Superior Homes – Thank you so much for providing us with a quality product. We absolutely appreciate it. We could not have done it without your team, especially Peter (the owner), Gypsy from administration, project manager Matt and the builder supervisor Jake! We’re over the moon with our beautiful home! Ananda & Luke Oxford