Superior Homes

I have worked in the Industry for the Past 13 years so when it came time to make the change and have a home built to how I want it Superior Homes was my only choice! Let me break it down why this is. Why I first looked at Superior: I’ve worked in the industry for the past 13 years and the past 10 years I’ve worked alongside Peter and his team as a supplier, in my job I have spent a lot of time on job sites but I could count on the amount of times I’ve been on a Superior site in the 10 years on 1 hand. This is because they operate at the highest level of standard, meaning there is never a problem and in most cases I would just take photos on how a house is supposed to be built. So much so during my build I took my Trainee staff through the build to give them an understanding on how it should be done. Stage 1 Choosing a house and Pricing: Peter has wide catalogue of house designs to suit all blocks and every need, he is also happy to have you design a house through his Draftee Gary, build from a plan you have yourself or just make changes to one of his designs as I did. Peter Provides the price himself and Literally will have a Quotation back to you inside of 2 days not weeks like other builders. With the Quotation you will get an Inclusions list, Superiors has the Most comprehensive inclusions list I have seen. When it comes to comparing apples with apples, no one compares to Superior homes. I’m talking about Air con, Security screens, window dressings, Insulation, Termite resistant Frames and the list goes on and on and this is standard. The Inclusions are presented in easy to read point form and you are told the Brand of appliance which is Westinghouse by the way and the product code for each appliance so you can literally google the appliances that you will be getting. That’s Clarity! Stage 2 Personalising Your home: A big Thank you needs to go to Hayley in the office, Hayley is nothing but accommodating throughout the entire build process her professionalism towards your every need makes your build experience an absolute pleasure and every request is met with the up most enthusiasm. When it comes to your house design you will deal with Gary Superiors Draftee, Gary is the most knowledgeable draftee I have ever dealt with and it shows. His plans cover every aspect and are not just to get council approval they are to build the home of your dreams and build that home to a “Superior Standard”. Gary carries with him the same qualities mentioned about Hayley and he will help and advise you on your house design in a way that will make it a journey that you will look back on and just smile about, this is because the end product you end up with will be all you could imagine and more. Stage 3 Build Process: 9 WEEK BUILD TIME!!! How is this Possible? Peter has established a Team, a long serving team with most members, Suppliers and trades that have been with him since I can remember. Everyone has been instilled with Peter’s model, Superior Quality, Superior Customer Service and an absolute attention to detail giving you the result of a “Superior Home”. You will receive a contacts list with your contract of all the trades you may need to talk with including Matt the Construction Manager, again Matt is nothing but a “Pro” at his trade and conducts himself with the upmost professionalism and gives you a sense of absolute confidence throughout the build. Stage 4 Handover: This is the time you will look to nit-pick and put your serious face on to make sure you are receiving the Home you envisioned. What I found is that I was so impressed by the standard of finish and the attention to detail I could not wipe the smile of my face, My home literally has more attention to detail and a better finish quality than any display home I have ever set foot in! Once more due to the service provided by Hayley, Gary and Matt I have a home that I would not change a thing in, their ability to give you guidance and translate your vision into a reality is Brilliant and they make the experience a pleasure. I am happy to recommend Superior to any one that wants to love the home they live in and enjoy its creation. Thanks Guys, I love my Superior Home and the Superior Lifestyle it has given me."