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Vince and Jo

Being first time home owners we were naturally nervous about building a home, after seeing a number of negative stories in the media about building companies going under, leaving customers out of pocket. And builds taking years to complete.

However, the process of building with superior homes has been the polar opposite. It has been the most streamline process we could have wished for. Peter responded to any queries in a timely manner. Matt and Jake provided excellent customer service with clear communication throughout the construction process.

We visited the site throughout the construction process and were impressed by how tidy and clean the site was compared to other builders sites in the vicinity.

In terms of the timeline, we were told expect to move in around June/July. With the build starting in December. The house was handed over in April. Taking around 14 weeks with a break over Christmas. The superior crew work efficiently and effectively as a team.

The finished build has exceeded our expectations and as it was completed ahead of schedule we saved 3 months worth of rent. The design we chose was practical and ideal for a first home and any variations were reasonably priced. The materials used are of good quality and the finishing touches are of a high standard.

Handover with Jake was thorough and informative. We couldn't be happier with our new home and wouldnt hesitate to build with superior homes again.

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Anoop Jalota

Dear Peter,Matt,Jake and Gypsy,

Thankyou so much for the beautiful home that you recently completed for us. It was done in record time and you and the team made the whole process a breeze. The quality of the works is better than promised. A big shout out to Sharon, she is such a great asset to the team. Will definitely build again with Superior.

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Vipin and Asha

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for us. It has been such a great experience from the start all the way to the end.

Peter , your communication and caring for customers is superb, we know why you came highly recommended among the builders in Caboolture.

Abbey , you have made this process so smooth. You have gone above and beyond to help us at every stage.

You both always treated us like family. We are honored to have our dream house built by Superior homes.

Jake, Matt, Gypsy special thanks for everything.

Thanks again
Vipin and Asha

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Emma Barclay and Benjamin Bonato

We genuinely cannot recommend Superior Homes enough!

Throughout our entire process they have been understanding, honest and very knowledgeable. The communication held between us and the team was clear and precise. On a weekly basis we noticed that work had been completed on the home consistently. This was such a great feeling. The site was always left organised, well presented and pleasant to see. Superior Homes take pride in their quality of work, and it shows! Any questions raised were answered in a timely manner with thought and care. The skilled tradesmen involved in this process created a beautiful home we now live in with high quality craftsmanship and fittings. A massive thank you to Peter, Sharon, Gary, Matt and Gypsy for ensuring this experience was going to be memorable, rewarding and stress-free.

Superior Homes truly are superior to the rest.

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Trish Dunne

Thanks Peter for giving us our dream home, though the whole process you guys have been wonderful answering what at times would have been crazy questions but always receiving an answer. Your communication and honesty are what I can only say is incredibly rare, we thank you for this family home and we feel incredibly grateful to be able to share it with our friends and family to enjoy for the future… The whole process in dealing with superior was a journey that gave to us one hell of a beautiful home. The inclusions are great and they show just how much thought goes into Superiors ability to outshine the competition…
Even during the Covid shortages Superior has delivered. Thankyou everyone, Peter,Matt & Gypsy for putting up with my questions and rants the phone calls and we wanted to let you know! How happy and grateful we are and how fortunate we were to have such professional and friendly people during a difficult period re covid…
Thank you for giving us a Home…
Kind Regards
Trish Dunne

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James & Diane Rose

We’d love to say a big thank you to Peter and his team at Superior Homes. We are so happy with our new home and would recommend Superior Homes 100 percent. Peter and his team are wonderful.
Happy happy happy.
James & Diane Rose

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Shaun & Gemma Harre

Highly recommend using Superior Homes. From the very start we have appreciated their knowledge and care for us as clients instead of the feeling of being just another number that you get when dealing with some of the larger companies. The team made the whole process an easy and enjoyable experience, they truly listened to our wants and needs. Their build timeframe was the best in our new estate and that was managed with the highest quality of workmanship and materials. We’ve had many of our new neighbours say they wished they had gone with Superior Homes after seeing our new house. If we were to ever build again it would definitely be with Superior Homes.

Shaun & Gemma Harre

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Zoe & Aaron

I definitely know why they’re called “Superior Homes”.
The standard is absolutely nothing short of superior. Peter and the team run an incredible building business where they produce quality homes that are well-priced and no other builder can compare. We are so glad we were recommended them initially because I don’t think we would’ve been so in love with our house if we had of went elsewhere. The inclusions with Superior Homes definitely stand out when compared with other builders and this was one of the selling points for us. It was also amazing to work with Gary who drew up our perfect layout after telling him bits and pieces of what we wanted. Once the building commenced it was incredible to see something happening every week, when other builds around us were stood still for week on end. During the process there were some hiccups along the way that were in no way Superior’s fault, but Peter’s knowledge and guidance allowed us to make the right decisions and we are so grateful for that. We were extremely impressed at handover to walk through and see that everything had been gone through with a fine-toothed comb and to find minimal issues that needed attending to. The aftercare was also of the same standard- anything we needed was then attended to within a few days-a week. We are seriously so incredibly happy with our first beautiful home, that was tailored to our needs and wants, the quality and attention to detail of the build, the price of our house and the experience we had with Superior Homes. We cannot recommend them enough to anyone who is in need of a quality, professional and knowledgeable builder. Thanks to all the team at Superior Homes!

Zoe and Aaron

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Ananda & Luke Oxford

Looking for a Superior builder… you’ve found it!
Superior Homes are quality builders with an incredible reputation AND charge at an incredibly good price. This well-respected industry builder doesn’t have to pay for marketing costs as their reputation proceeds them.
My husband and I were very daunted starting out on this journey. It was our first time building a home together. Plus, this project was on a scale far grander than what either of us had done before.
We’d seen many advertisements for other big brand builders, but never heard of Superior Homes. Working in the construction industry, three colleagues emphasised how amazing Superior Homes were in building their own homes. After having lengthy conversations with many people in the industry, we felt like we’d uncovered an industry secret!
We also bought in one of the craziest times when the building industry was experiencing many delays. But Superior commenced construction the month before they had promised and finished 3 weeks early! There were houses that started before us and were still 3 months from being finished after us as their builder had run out of materials or struggling to get things done. I’ve seen many things go wrong when you pick the wrong builder and we had complete quality from the beginning to end.
As it was our first build, we hired handover.com and they were pushing to find a single thing! Their report stated, “This is a well presented house and a credit to the supervisor and trades.”
Superior Homes – Thank you so much for providing us with a quality product. We absolutely appreciate it. We could not have done it without your team, especially Peter (the owner), Gypsy from administration, project manager Matt and the builder supervisor Jake! We’re over the moon with our beautiful home!

Ananda & Luke Oxford

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Nadine Meyer

Where do I start?......
I absolutely LOVE our beautifully built new home!

I can honestly say that I would highly recommend Superior Homes to friends, relatives, and total strangers with the greatest of confidence.
They truly are a team of professional people and skilled Tradesmen. Every single person involved in the building of our home was knowledgeable, courteous and friendly in nature.
When looking around in display homes (and we looked at many), I was appalled at some of the workmanship of very “reputable” builders. My keen eye to detail was certainly on the radar. I couldn’t help but notice this, and thought that if this is their display home (which you’d think would be schmick), how bad would mine be if I build with them?

And then there was Superior Homes…..what a difference from all the others! Oh my goodness!
My friend had built with Superior Homes, and I loved how “finished” it was. Perfectly laid tiles, easy wipe paint, nice fittings for doors, showers, bathrooms and toilets. Her house oozed real quality, class and craftsmanship.
The journey for our build was quite smooth, speedy, well managed, and pleasurable. Peter has an amazing team that he entrusts to deliver expertise and proficiency. We were so grateful for the help and input from Peter, the Draftsman, the Interior Decorator and colour expect, and our Site Manager. Without them, we may have made some not so good choices. I am of the opinion that it’s always best to take the advice of the person whom this is their field, after all, I am no expert in the building industry.

Now we have our own gorgeous home built for us, to suit us, and every inch of it has been put together with an eye to detail and perfection. I believe Superior Homes stand by their name. Our house is Superior to so many others, and I am over the moon happy to have had our home built by them. Thank you to Peter and your astounding team. You may have built a house, but it’s our home, and we all love it.

Nadine Meyer

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Dennis and Ivy

We are the happy and satisfied client of superior homes. Thank you for helping us throughout the planning, very strong support to ensure quality construction results. It was amazing and absolutely fabulous finish.

Denis and Ivy

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Nici O’Hara

My husband and I have just had our first home built by Superior Homes! We are extremely happy with our home, the attention to detail by each trade was impeccable. Our home was one of about 6 homes being built in our street at the same time. Driving past the block each day our site was always left the cleanest and always well presented! Communication was on point, and no request or question was left un answered! Even my stupid annoying questions! Peter himself completed our handover going through everything from taps, door handles, the hot water system and appliances! I would definitely recommend Superior Homes, and should we ever build again we will be calling Peter! Thank you so much for our amazing home and delivering such a great experience!

Nici O'Hara

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Nicole & Tony
Nicole & Tony

We'd like to highly recommend Superior Homes for their great Communication Strategies throughout our building process, Excellent Quality of Workmanship from the slab pour on 05/08/2020 till handover on 27/10/2020.
From start to finish it was an easy stress free adventure and were absolutely loving everything about our new home.
Thanks heaps to Peter and all his team at Superior Homes Queensland.

Nicole & Tony

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Fast. True to their words. Highly recommendable! Superior Homes built our first ever Australian dream home in just 12 weeks! Fast without compromising the quality of your house. We are more than happy with our customised house. Everything was built exactly the way we imagined it to be. We are genuinely grateful to Superior especially to the director, Peter Coffin and construction manager, Matt Gunst for being so hands on all throughout the project! More power to Superior Homes! 💙

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Steve and Renee Winnin
Steve and Renee Winnin

Building with Superior Homes was such a positive experience. Even during this covid pandemic our build time was not comprised or delayed, our home was still constructed in 10 weeks. The professionalism and quality of finishes is 10/10.
All questions we had were answered in a timely manner. Would hands down recommend Superior Homes to anyone who is looking to build and if we had the choice we would do it all again.

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Dennis and Debbie Spek
Dennis and Debbie Spek

To Peter, Matt and team,
We are over the moon with the beautiful home you have created for us and we can’t thank you enough. Everything went so smooth and the attention to detail is impeccable. The workmanship is exceptional and all standard inclusions are of the highest quality. Our build time was so quick with our slab being poured on 23/4/20 and handover on 7/7/20. We can’t recommend Superior Homes highly enough, you are all so amazing. Thank you for creating our dream home.
Dennis and Debbie Spek

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Kelly and Simon
Kelly and Simon

Cannot recommend Superior Homes enough. Their communication is spot on, the inclusions are numerous, pricing for upgrades highly reasonable and quality is superb! Peter has nailed attention to detail and was fantastic at making recommendations to get the most for our money. Gary was so patient, polite and got the most out of our square meterage. Sharon was just beautiful. Our colours look incredible she helped us bring our dream designs to reality. Matt, Jake and Gypsy were all fantastic with easing our minds, answering our questions quickly and just being kind, patient and you never felt like you were asking a dumb question. The workmanship is immaculate and we are blown away at how quick our house went up.
Slab poured 24 March Handover 9 June.

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Michelle, David and Hannah Cook
Michelle, David and Hannah Cook

Good morning,

Our little family are absolutely in love with our new home! The finishes are beyond perfect, it was a smooth ride throughout the whole process. Once we met Peter we knew our home had to be built with Superior Homes and we are blown away with the outcome. Building a home from start to finish can be stressful but this team really know what they are doing which made us feel at ease. We were able to design absolutely everything and watch it come together in a reasonable time frame considering we built during the peak of COVID-19.
Our Slab was poured late March and we're living here in early June.
Thank you all so much for making a dream come true and being so easy to deal with throughout the whole process!

Kind regards
Michelle, David and Hannah Cook

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Dipesh Nagarkar
Dipesh Nagarkar

Building a new house is always challenging and overwhelming, need to consider so many things like Reliable builder, Time frame, Builders transparency , Quality, Budget and many more which builds up the stress level in ones life.

Dealing with Superior homes ticked all the required boxes with satisfaction guaranteed. Building our house in 12 weeks without compromising on quality saved a lot. Many builders takes at least 6-12 months or even more, to build the house which adds up the extra cost on ( rates, home loan which is interest only during construction period, rent money until your home is ready) which i guess people don't realise.

It was such a great experience from start to finish and we are very happy, we chose Superior Homes as our builder. We thank Garry Kelly who customised our house plan in one day as per our requirement. We really appreciate Peter, Matt and their team for all their hard work. I must say, they must be having such a good management level skills to finish big projects. We wish your business continued success.

Lastly, i would like to say there name says it all "SUPERIOR".

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Sue Mitchell
Sue Mitchell

Having built 12 houses over the past 20 years I have to say this was the most pleasing build I have ever experienced. Peter, Matt & Jake have all given exceptional service throughout the whole build and been an absolute pleasure to deal with. My home looks absolutely amazing and the quality of the workmanship is second to none and I am by my own admission very fussy !!! My whole build took a touch over 13 weeks which is a fantastic build time and saves so much money when you are renting. Would highly recommend Superior Homes to anyone and happy to show anyone around my new home to showcase their work. Thanks again to Peter and the whole team for my beautiful new HOME.

- Sue Mitchell

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Cassie Pickering
Cassie Pickering

Our slab was poured on the 02/09/2019 and handover was 29/10/2019! My partner and I are both over the moon about our new home! Everything went so smooth we had not 1 problem! The quality of the house is just amazing!! We couldn’t be happier! Thankyou to the team at superior homes, you have all been amazing to deal with!! I will be recommending superior to all my friends & family ! Once again Thankyou SO much!

Cassie Pickering

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Denise Melling

We would like to thank Peter, Matt, Jake, Gary, Sharon and every single tradesperson who built our beautiful new home.
All of our questions were always responded to promptly.
This is our first home and we had no clue what to expect. It was a scary process however Superior made it so easy and made us feel at ease.
From slab pour 30/7/19 to handover 24/9/19 was exactly 8 weeks. We couldn’t believe it.
We have now been in our new home a few weeks and absolutely love it. All our family and friends are amazed how fast it was built and how beautiful our home is.
We cannot thank you enough and highly recommend these guys. Thanks so much again.

Denise Melling

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‘Superior Homes doesn’t just build houses, they definitely build homes! The quality and workmanship is beyond expectations (you can see the care behind every part of the house).

As with a new house, things need to be adjusted, once again Superior Homes are completely over any questions or concerns in a very timely manner.
We are very lucky to have had such amazing builders and we thank them for such a beautiful home!’

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Kay Ford

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team at Superior Homes. My new home has exceeded my expectations. The build time was excellent and communication was easy and efficient throughout. The house itself is perfect. I would absolutely recommend your company to anyone looking to build. Thank you so much - I’m over the moon!

Kind regards,
Kay Ford

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Millie Mitchell

A big thank you to Peter, Gary, Jake and Matt from Superior Homes. If I could describe our experience with Superior Homes it would be AMAZING. Our beautiful home was built in 9 weeks (slab to handover).
My partner and I are very young first home owners, so the idea of building a house was very daunting. However, Superior Homes made building our wonderful home a dream. The team were so helpful and lovely. Gary the draftsman was excellent and spent a lot of time making sure that our build was the perfect design. Sharon was wonderful and went out of her way to make sure we were 100% happy with our colour selection and choices.
Peter was a fantastic builder to deal with, he was kind, honest and went over and above to ensure the build was perfect.
There were no hidden costs and we did not have any issues throughout the build - not many people would say that they would build their house again but I would because it was a great time and a memory that my partner and I will remember forever.
A huge thank you to Jake who was also a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond at handover. We have recommended Superior Homes to all our friends and family because we truly think they are a fantastic company to build with. We will without a doubt build with Superior Homes in a heart beat in the future.
Thank you once again Peter, we truly love our superior home!

Millie Mitchell

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Mandy and John Cain

We have recently moved into our new home built by Superior Homes. The whole process from start to finish was outstanding. From first meeting Peter and Matt in the office to discuss building a home to suit our block, to designing our dream home with the help of draftsman, Gary, then meeting the numerous tradesmen every step of the way, who all introduced themselves and were more than happy for us to look through the home as the build progressed. We were also amazed at how efficient and quick the build was. Our slab was laid on 03/05/2019 and we received the keys to our new home on 26/07/2019. We would like to personally thank all the tradesmen who did an exceptional job, also site manager, Jake, who was extremely helpful and of course Peter and Matt. We would not hesitate in recommending Superior Homes to anyone wishing to build a new home.

Mandy and John Cain

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Luke & Michelle Adams

We would just like to say a massive thank you to Peter, Matt and the team at Superior homes. They went 'above and beyond' to assist us with some difficult issues as we were building our new home from interstate. They were always available to discuss the building process and were always friendly and approachable. They kept us informed on a regular basis and we always felt included and involved. The team has a great eye for detail and obviously set a very high standards for the contractors and expected the best from them. We are very happy with the quality of the final product and are ecstatic with how quickly they completed it. Our slab was poured on 02/04/19 and handover was on 11/6/19. We would definitely choose Superior if we were to build again and have been recommending them to all of our friends and family.

Kind regards,

Luke & Michelle Adams.

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Sophie Park

We, as a first home buyers, were so glad and lucky to choose Superior Homes to build our home, they have guaranteed the time and made it possible. Slab was poured on 21/2/19, and hand over was on 2/5/19, taking account of Easter long holiday, it only took 8 weeks to build. First, I was a bit worried that too fast processing may eventually end up with poor results.

However, I was totally wrong. Superior Homes has great team-work and expert skills that made us the customer stress free for the whole process. We would recommend to anyone we know, friends, and families, and would like to contact Peter when we need to build our second house.

Superior made our dreams come true. Thank you again, Superior Homes.


Sophie Park

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Luke & Rachelle

We are so glad we picked Superior Homes to build our home, as it was up in 8 weeks problem free. Peter worked with us to customise two different homes until our very own! Also answer any question we had with no hesitation. Superior Homes made building our first home an easy with no stress, we 100% would build with them again if we need to.

Kind regards,
Luke & Rachelle

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Lorraine and Harry Peeters


It has been one year since we took over our house from Peter and his team, given our age group we wanted specific things we wanted in other words our own perfect retirement home, and we received just that, we love our home it is beautiful
We received professional stress free quality service, high quality trades people, and one year on we still sing your praises
One year on most days I still walk in and say I just love our home; it makes us feel safe and special
Peter again thank you to you and your team, we strongly recommend Superior Homes
Thank you
Lorraine and Harry Peeters

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Brody Pearce

Building with Superior Homes was a great experience, Peter, Matt and the rest of the Team did an outstanding job completing the home in only 9 weeks.

Not only was the build of very high quality, the communication the whole way through the process was awesome.

This is my third home I have had built, and like the name suggests they really were “Superior” compared to any other builder I’ve seen.

Kind regards,

Brody Pearce

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Caleb & Rebecca

We would like to thank the team at Superior Homes for the seamless experience that we had the pleasure of encountering.

Peter leads a personable team who made the build for us as first home buyers an enjoyable and pain free experience.

Our home was completed within an astonishing timeframe, much sooner than anticipated and the workmanship that was delivered is second to none.

Being able to have our home created by a team of reliable professionals who were willing to go above and beyond for our needs is something we won’t soon forget.

We cannot thank everyone enough for their assistance, insight and understanding during our time and without hesitation we would recommend the company to anyone wanting to build their dream home.

Special thanks to Matt and Jake for entertaining our pestering phone calls and putting our minds at ease throughout our time.

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Peter and Lisa Greatorix

We absolutely love our new Superior Home. The team were so accommodating with anything we wanted and we were able to alter the design to best suit our needs and they made the process so easy. From the time they poured our slab to the day we moved in was less than 3 months , which was just amazing. The quality of the work and all the finishes are fantastic and we highly recommend Superior Homes to anyone wanting a wonderful new home.

Peter & Lisa Greatorix

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Corey and Nicole

To peter and all the staff at superior homes i dont even know where to start on giving you a review..
What an amazing experience having our first home built by you’re team!!
From the slab being poured to the day of handover, it was just a hassle free experience
The time you guys took to build our home is astonishing (8weeks)
There where trades working 6 days a week morning till night. All trades where professional and kept the site clean and tidy.
Every few days we drove by to take progress photos there was something done.
The quality of workmanship and organisation is incredible, Peter helped along the way answering any concerns i had about colours and changes/upgrades that we wanted to make.
All paper work/emails and communication where seen to very fast !! This alone makes things much easier as it can be a little overwhelming learning while building for the first time.
Being the first time building its very easy to forget or overlook some things that need doing, for instance I totally forgot to have a power point or 2 add in extra places and didnt relise this until the handover day, im very appreciative that peter was able to bring back the electricians only 2 days later and have them added free of charge.
I can not recommend this company highly enough to all my family and friends what a great experience we had building with superior homes!..
Our home is beautiful, perfect and suits our families needs , If we were ever to build again there would be no hesitation on choosing superior homes.
Thank you so much Peter and team
Its a job well done 👍

Corey & Nicole

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Le-Anne Dusina

A big thank you to Peter, Matt, Jake and all their team for a build that was stress free from start to finish. This was my first build on my own and it could not have gone any smoother. The quality of the house including finishes, construction, workman ship could not be faulted, even the site clean-up was fantastic. I was very impressed with the finishes that you would normally pay extra for with the other building companies but were standard inclusions. I highly recommend Superior Homes if you want a quality home and a quick stress free build.

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Jillian and Aidan

A big thank you to Peter and the Superior Homes team is in order for the construction and completion of our beautiful new home! Being our first time building a house it was all a little daunting at the beginning. Once we decided on Superior Homes and started talking to Peter our minds were instantly at ease. When you build with Superior Homes there are no hidden surprises, which in this modern world can be hard to find. Being “first-timers” we had a lot of questions for Peter and his team during all stages of our build and we were never made to feel like we were being a hindrance or annoying, Peter and the team were always happy to take the time to answer all our questions. Deciding on a floor plan was hard but unlike other builders it was no bother that we couldn’t decide on a standard floor plan, instead Peter arranged for us to meet with his draftsman who helped us to design our dream home. Superior Homes is above the competitors in price, craftsmanship, inclusions and completion times. We were initially shocked to hear a house could be built so quickly, so we watched in anticipation to see our home built. Our slab was poured on the 6th April and the house was ready for handover on the 13th June! Our house was completed to the highest of standards in only 10 weeks. It is a credit to Peter and all of his tradespeople in the way the work is carried out to the highest of standards and how clean and tidy the site is kept at all stages during the build, no other building sites can compare. Getting to see the final product on handover day was one of the most exciting times, Peter really thinks of everything when constructing his homes to the highest of quality.

We love everything about our new home and we are very proud to say that our home was built by Superior Homes! Anyone who is looking to build, please build with Superior Homes, I know we will be when we venture into building another house.

Thank you, Peter and the Superior Homes team!

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Damon And Jo

These guys at Superior Homes are amazing. They all play there part well working as a team, this meant our house was up in 2 1/2 months. Once we moved in, we couldn’t fault it. They are professional, and if they don’t like something they have done, they do it again. They also accommodated for our changes along the way with no hesitation. I can honestly say they want to build you YOUR dream home to how you want it. As first home building and buying we were a little nervous, Peter, Jake, Matt and the team explained any concerns we had clearly which gave us the reassurance we needed. When Peter says something will be done at a specific time you can guarantee it will be done. These guys continued to go over and above for our custom designed home.

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Scott Wallace

As this was the first time we built it was a step into the unknown. Peter and his team made the whole build easy as we just came up with our unique plan and they did the rest. The quality of the build and the short time frame to construct it being about 10 weeks was amazing. Superior homes were very organised and as soon as one group of tradesmen were finished the next group would be there the next day. They were also very quiet on site and no disturbing the neighbours.

I would not hesitate in recommending Peter to build your new home as I'm sure the final result will be as great as ours.

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Simon Wallbank

Thanks Peter, Matt and the team, for the fantastic house. Not only is the quality great, but a 10 week build was fantastic; no other build by others in the subdivision comes close to this. Really good people; we highly recommended that you go with Superior Homes, if you want a quality build, done in a short orderly time frame.

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Mat & Kerry Hosking

We just want to say a massive thank you to you Peter & your team at Superior Homes. We had our handover with peter on the 5/12/17, very fast build with quality all the way. We chose Peter upon reputation for all aspects from quality to pricing & we weren’t let down. We started with a design & Peter & his team made it happen. From beginning to handover we never had a problem, absolutely not one but if we had a question it was answered promptly. Everything from times, dates completion were spot on & the workmanship is second to none. We called in multiple times throughout our build & were welcomed, shown & explained to what had been done. On handover Peter thoroughly went through everything with us, time wasn’t a problem as he wanted us to be happy with everything. We truly can’t say enough good things about Peter & his team, purely old school genuine people that want to make your dream into reality. Other family members are now going to build with him after watching our build & he’s our choice for our next build & we recommend him to all.

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Amy Furniss

I just want to say a huge thank you Superior homes. I have settled into my beautiful home now and the build time was so quick. I honestly couldn't fault anything, the quality and service was outstanding. The interior/exterior finish is amazing and Peter and his team took so much care through the whole process. This was my first time building and Peter took the time to explain everything to me in detail. I will be recommending to friends and family.

It still feels so surreal having my own home and I thank you so much for your professionalism, hardwork and for  the communication through the build. You are a great company and it was definitely a stress free experience.

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Peter & Imelda

I will be recommending Superior Homes to all my friends & family who want to build, I cannot fault the workmanship on my house. All stages were completed on time and the interior of the home was finished perfectly, I could not fault it.

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Paul and Teresa Lynch

Fantastic builder. Great communication. Any unexpected difficulties encountered were addressed immediately. Fast build time, 9 weeks! We experienced no stress throughout the building process and were always informed of progress. Quick responses to emails, phone calls and texts. A very enjoyable experience building with Superior Homes and will recommend them to family and friends. If we ever build again, we will be asking Peter to build for us again.

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Naveed and Mehwish

This is a huge Thank you from us for building our first home.
The journey started a while back when I met Peter at his office and explained what I wanted. We were offered a quotation based on size of house and the inclusions we wanted. It wasn't the usual base price + site costs + allowances for this that and the other. It was an all inclusive quote right from the word go.

It amazed me that I was not asked to look at some book with 40 designs to choose from. Peter asked me to go and see Gary the Drafts-man who in turn asked us about the block of land and what we wanted in the house. Our thoughts were converted to a truly custom design. I had, before going to Superior homes, dealt with 4 other formula builders. This was the first time I felt comfortable with the process. I did not feel "being sold" something. We were being listened to and assisted with the process. There were no shifty salesman rather the builder himself guiding us through the process.

The standard inclusions are generous as compared to most other builders. You get the best bang for your buck with Superior. We however wanted some extras which were all welcomed without any hesitance.

We were finicky and our final quotation was "number 17". By this time we had chosen our carpet, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, 3 phase power, paint colours, additional windows etc etc etc. Nothing was ever a problem and every request was entertained. We signed the contract when we felt everything was as it should be and there was no pressure to sign.

The greatest surprise comes when the boys take over the site. Imagine a 300 meter house going up and completed in 10 weeks. Its absolutely amazing. Even during the build I highlighted a couple of things which were readily taken care of. We are expecting a new addition to the family and time pressure was on us but thanks to the top bloke Peter and Jake (the supervisor) we were in the new house before we expected.

In the end we got a custom design house for the price of a regular build. The build quality is really good with all materials used being as mentioned in contract details.

I cant recommend them enough. I will welcome you at my house if you wanted to see what Peter and his team can create.

Default Avatar55
Wayne Langford

I recently built an Injune 5 house at Ningi. I have no hesitation in recommending Superior Homes as a builder. Peter and his team were completely professional in every respect. I watched building progress from start to completion and could not find fault with anything. There tradesmen were polite, helpful, and a pleasure to deal with. The property was always left clean and tidy. House was completed in record time. We have been in house for 6 weeks and have had no issues which is very pleasing.

Default Avatar55
Clayton King

My partner and I just received the keys to our new home! I cannot express how amazing Peter and the team at superior have been. As first home builders and owners we were overwhelmed with what other builders were telling us about building a home. We were starting to get really frustrated and doubtful we would have a happy ending to our build. That was until we spoke to Peter at superior, nothing was too hard and our options were explained to us plainly and in terms we could understand. We were given a price for a complete home and made our own variations from there, it felt like we had complete control of our build. Peter made recommendations where he felt they would benefit us and we are grateful for that. We designed our own gorgeous home and Superior were there the whole way we cannot thank them enough!

Default Avatar55
Christopher and Joan Barr

Dear Peter and all your crew members
Please accept our apologies in the delay in thanking you and your colleagues for our beautiful home you all built for Christopher and myself on our retirement, it is perfect for us and we love every detail that has been put into our home, you certainly fit the title of superior homes and quality home builders.
Thankyou all once again.

Default Avatar55
John and Rosalind Lloyd

Superior homes have just built us an awesome home and in super quick time. We had great support through the design phase and we now have a home to our own design. The colour counselling was brilliant, the tiles, cabinetry and paint finish is lovely our home is really beautiful. The finish on our home is first class and the ideas incorporated by Superior are super, would I recommend Superior Homes, of course I will. Thank you for a great home, really wonderful.

Default Avatar55
Matt & Leonie Lammi

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new home. What a difference it makes to work with a professional, honest, fair builder! We had a horror experience working with another builder in the area so were very scared and skeptical building with anyone, but you made the experience very easy and smooth which we appreciated greatly.

Your draftsman Gary is amazing, your trades are fantastic and do excellent work, your office staff Hayley and foreman Matt are wonderful, your flexibility for us to go to your suppliers and choose for ourselves was awesome, and dealing with you Peter - rather than a salesman was just a breath of fresh air.

Add to this the fact you built a 390sqm home in less than 13 weeks with minimal delays over Christmas, at a very reasonable price, with high levels of finish and inclusions, with all your years of experience making the little things right and a home that will stand the test of time and honestly you leave the competition for dead, quite simply - i wouldn't build with ANYONE else.

Most importantly Peter, we brought this project in ahead of time and on budget - no arguments - no delays - solid gold. No wonder Peter you don't need to advertise, I loved the experience so much that not only do I not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is building, but I welcome people to come and see just how awesome the house is you built!

The system you have to build homes is fast and just flawless, that only comes with years of experience and tradesman that are top notch, I have had no issues with the build quality of the home - we went through homes you built 10 years ago and all I can say is I'm nothing but impressed!

Thank you Peter for building our dream home, don't change a thing! if our circumstances change in the future - you will be the only builder we will call!

Default Avatar55
G & M Hewat

Having just had our New Home built by Superior Homes we would like to say:
Great value for money compared to other builder's
Good quality finish with flexible choices
Shortest building time
Handover date given early and met as stated making it easy to comply with other arrangements that had to be made
Promises fulfilled.

Thank you Superior Homes

Default Avatar55
Teena Maatai

I could not be happier with my Superior home. They made the process so easy and were always open to communication. As a first home owner it was stress free as they organised everything. The quality of the build is outstanding. There is so much attention to detail and it was all done so quickly - a little over 8 weeks from slab to handover. I am getting so many compliments about how good the house looks. I would highly recommend Superior Homes to anyone wanting to build.

Default Avatar55
Daniel & Sonya Stitt

My wife Sonia and I were very impressed with Peter and his team.  We were handed our keys 13 weeks after we reached settlement on our land  which was an amazing accomplishment.  Peters’ designer Gary was very professional and designed a house for our family which met our requirements perfectly.  All small issues we have noticed have been fixed quickly without delay.  Peter and his team were recommended to us by friends and we are very happy with what he and his team produced.  We are happy to recommend Peter and his team to anyone who is looking to build their home.

Default Avatar55
Andrew & Sarah McGrath

We would like to say a huge thank you to Peter and the team from Superior Homes for our amazing new home. As first home buyers we really had little knowledge of the building process, however everyone at Superior Homes made the whole process easy and stress free. Gary the draftsman helped us to modify a design and Peter allowed us to change our quote numerous times until we were happy with the cost and house design. Our house was built in less than 3 months and that included a Christmas break. We were impressed with all the standard inclusions which were all high quality and needed very few upgrades. Sharon the Interior designer was an amazing help and really helped us to develop and design the look and feel of our house. During the build process everything was completed to an exceptional standard and Jake the site supervisor answered any questions or concerns we had. The handover of the house occurred as scheduled and the quality of the entire house is second to none. We would recommend anyone to build with Superior Homes.

Default Avatar55
Russell & Kerry Catchpole

We cannot give Peter and his Gang enough praise. They completed our awesome home in the promised time frame and we were in our home in eight weeks. The work is second to none. We had built twice before but Peter is the only one who delivered on time. Nothing is too much trouble, he is so organised. The finish in the house is fantastic. We cannot fault a thing. We have already recommended Superior Homes to three of our friends and will continue to do so. Thank You So Much Peter.

Default Avatar55
Aaron & Kimberley Harmsworth

Thank you Superior Homes for an Easy process to building our New Home, From start to Finish the communication has been fantastic and we were informed on every process along the way. We couldn’t believe how quickly the work was progressing from the time the slab was poured right up until we moved in with a build time of only 10 weeks. The attention to detail has been fantastic and we couldn’t fault any of the process at all. We are so Happy with our new home and wouldn’t consider building with anyone else.

Default Avatar55
Daniel & Rohmana Thompson

I can't rate Superior Homes highly enough, they are so passionate and loyal and genuinely enjoy their work. Peter promised us we'd be in before Christmas and boy did I have my doubts but Peter and his crew kept to their word and 9 weeks from when the slab went down, we were in. I am still so shocked that it happened in such a small period of time. Our home is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much guys, you have done an amazing job and this was the best Christmas present. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Default Avatar55
The McNeil Family

You know you have happy customers when they have already pre-written the testimonial before you have handover!

Building for the first time is quite daunting, however working with Superior Homes has made the experience nothing but a pleasure. Peter & his team have been very patient & professional throughout the entire process.

Our house was built in 10 weeks, all we had to do is move in.

Superior Homes speaks for itself, superior in customer satisfaction, superior in price, superior materials, superior in quality & Superior in Homes!

We would like to thank Peter and his entire team including the designers, decorators, suppliers, contractors & tradesman for building our house it’s our turn to now make it a home.

Default Avatar55
Dave and Claire Haine

"We were extremely happy with the service and the quality of work provided by Superior Homes. They kept to the schedule and completed the work within the specified time.

All tradies were polite and considerate which I think is important as they were in our home. Would I use Superior Homes again for an extension or new build? Definitely Yes, by far the best builder we have dealt with."

Default Avatar55
Kay and Tony Poor

"The build of our new home at Narangba Heights Estate took 8 weeks from the pouring of the slab until handover date. We were kept updated all the way through the building process.

Matt, the building supervisor was excellent, any queries we had were fixed promptly and Matt was always cheerful and very willing to help make our building experience so enjoyable. Pat on the back to all the contractors. Paul the kitchen guy was also great.

We will build our next home with no one else but Superior Homes. We are really happy in our new Superior Home. The cost of our new home was also hard to beat."

Default Avatar55
Luke & Christine Smith

"Working with Superior was so easy and they were fantastic every step of the way, the house was ready exactly on the estimated date and we’ve had no problems at all. We would recommend them to anyone building a home, and already have."

Default Avatar55
Jess Southam

To Peter & Superior Homes,
Superior was very professional in their construction of our new home. They were helpful in making all the minor changes we wanted.
Thank you Superior Homes for a wonderful experience as first time homeowners. Peter was friendly and accommodating as we went through the decision making process. We couldn't have asked for a better experience, they were always there to help and answer any questions throughout the entire process. The quality and workmanship of our home exceeded our expectations.
We are so happy with our new house! We have and would recommend these guys to anyone!"

Default Avatar55
Peta Pearton

"I work for a large building and home improvement company, and when it came time to build my own home I sought out the advice of my colleagues and Superior Homes was highly recommended by my fellow employees. Peter, Matt and the team were so easy to work with on my home. No request was too hard, even the weird ones. Matt kept me informed during the whole build, even meeting me on site to discuss some of the finer details.

I would not hesitate to recommend and or build with Superior Homes again.

The easiest 9 weeks of my life, end result a perfect home at a fantastic price, full turnkey. Absolutely zero stress except where to put my furniture.

Thanks Peter, Matt and team."

Default Avatar55
Geoff and Marilyn Chitty

"Geoff and I have no hesitation in recommending Peter and his team at Superior Homes. We found the building process to be without any complication, with prompt and professional service before, during and after the building process.

Default Avatar55
Chris & Leonie

"Peter and the team at Superior Homes helped us from design right through to completion. We found everyone involved including all of the subcontractors extremely professional, reliable and very easy to contact and work with.

Default Avatar55
Ann and Mick O’Hagan

"Peter and the team at Superior Homes helped us from design right through to completion. We found everyone involved including all of the subcontractors extremely professional, reliable and very easy to contact and work with. The finished product only took just over 8 weeks from slab to completion and is absolutely immaculate. We could not be happier. Building a home can be stressful and sometimes you change your mind on things during the process, but the team were very accommodating and helpful during these times. Overall, for finished product, service, price and professionalism we would recommend Superior Homes to anybody whether it's your first home or you are experienced in the market. We give them 11 out of 10 across the board and can not thank them enough for helping us make our dream home a reality."

Default Avatar55
Terry & Shirley McAvoy

"We found Peter from Superior Homes after initially speaking with a few other major builders who were not our cup of tea.
From our first meeting with Peter we knew that we had found our builder, as there was no waiting around for quotes. Information about pricing was passed onto us promptly. What Peter promised to do was delivered at every stage of the build, he was very professional in every aspect of the communication process also. When we visited the site during the construction phase we found the tradies to be very professional and courteous.
Peter estimated the build would take 12 weeks, however our house was delivered to us in just under 8 weeks.
The finished quality was superb and Peter allowed us to make changes along the way.
We have now been in our house for 3 months and we have had many compliments on the quality of the build from friends and family. We would definitely build with Superior Homes again."

Default Avatar55
Rik & Aleasha

"We would like to write and say thank you for building our brand new first home.
We have been very happy with the outcome and with this being our first experience building, it was relatively pain free, although having some issues along the way, Peter was always honest & rectified as quick as possible with great communication and being readily available to contact.
Superior Homes are to be commended for their professionalism, quality craftsmanship and excellent time frame for building such a great home."

Default Avatar55
Barry and Stacey Tolchard

"Hi Peter,
I would like to thank you and your team for an awesome job in getting us into our new home quickly and hassle free. Matt has been a pleasure to deal with and I will certainly be recommending your company to friends and family (already have).

Thank you again, we absolutely love our new home."

Default Avatar55
Mark and Terri

"To Peter, Hayley and all the gang at Superior Homes.
Thank you so much for your wonderful assistance through the process of building our investment property.

Despite the distance between us the process from start to finish has been smoother than any other build we have ever done in our own state. We are so pleasantly surprised (purely because of distance, thinking it would be difficult). Nothing but fantastic customer service, continued support and continued correspondence with photos and updates, amazing ‘superior’ quality fittings and finishing’s and to top it off such a quick turnaround, only 2 months from slab to turn key.

We are so pleased with everything I’m hassling the bank for us to do another with you guys.

Thanks again sooo much for everything you did. Plus, a shout out to the guy’s n girls on the tools. The house looks beautiful!

Hope to be in contact again soon!!!"

Default Avatar55
Ignac and Barica Kusecek

"As my wife and I have built many previous homes with many companies, we were looking for a quality company that could deliver what we were looking for in our next home. We decided to have Superior Homes construct for us, and we have had a fantastic experience with them. We selected a design and they helped us agree on minor changes to aid in creating more room and great accessibility throughout the home. Any issues or concerns we had were dealt with immediately by friendly staff or workers. Overall, our experience with Superior Homes has been fantastic, we thank them for the great job they have done on our home, and we would not hesitate to build with them again if need be."

Default Avatar55
N&K Spencer

"To Superior Homes,
My wife and I decided to sell our existing house and take the big leap and build a new family home. After speaking to all the big name builders, we walked away feeling overwhelmed and disappointed in the little they offered as standard inclusions and high build costs for what we saw as standard houses. It was recommended that we should speak to Peter and the team at Superior Homes and we could not be happier that we did. We were quickly won over by the great price, standard inclusions and services offered by Peter. We sat down with the draftsman Gary and soon had a plan in hand for our perfect home. The building started immediately and we moved into our new home less than 9 weeks later. Because of the fantastic pricing we were able to make changes and upgrades in the areas we wanted and got a quality built house that we absolutely love and will get to enjoy for years to come.

Thanks to Peter, Matt and the entire team for the great job they have done and for all the the extra things they did that just made the entire process so easy and enjoyable. No task was to big or small and we were so impressed by the quality of the build, timeframe of the work and great service during and even after our house was built. You can be assured that should we build again in the future we would definitely build with Superior Homes."

Default Avatar55
Rick & Lila

"We had heard many horror stories prior to building our new home. Because we were 1st home buyers we wanted to ensure that the builders we engaged were of top quality. We must admit that we were very weary and anxious but as time went along we were more than impressed with Superior Homes. Peter, Hayley and all the guys on site were so professional and always willing to answer any questions. There was times we would turn up at the house and just couldn't believe how much work had been completed compared to others in the area who were also building a home.
Peter promised a house before Christmas and that's what we got - a brand new house in just over 7 weeks and just before Christmas!!
We would definitely recommend Superior Homes to anyone looking for builders who honour their word and get the job done with no fuss or hidden costs.

Thanks again Superior Homes!"

Default Avatar55
Damien Ross – General Sales Manager – QM Properties

We were initially attracted by Superior Homes’ quick build timeframes and keen price. It was a mere 2 months from settlement of our land until we were handed our keys for our new home. The build happened so smoothly and efficiently. We have built 4 other homes before and this was the definitely our most seamless build project yet. We are very impressed and will definitely be building our next home through Superior Homes."

Default Avatar55
Pete and Cato

"We would like to thank Superior Homes for building us our dream home. From the time we chose Superior (after looking at homes in our area) we were very impressed. They were very professional and built our home in a short time. Nothing was a problem when we changed things ever why the interior was being done. The care they took with our building was second to none. We were consulted all the way through our construction. The finished home was all we hoped for and some. The finish was excellent. I would recommend Superior to anyone.

Superior was one of the best we have dealt with. Congratulations on getting it all right with building our home. It was truly a seamless experience and a pleasant one."

Default Avatar55
Russell Sheldrake

"Hi Peter,

It would be my absolute pleasure to give you a testimonial.
When I started looking for a building company to construct my new home I found that I was continually having obstacles put in front of me until I contacted Superior Homes. Peter Coffin was fantastic from the start to the finish. It was my own design and he worked with me to achieve exactly what I wanted. I had to compromise on some things simply because they were not attainable but the solutions he offered were brilliant. Such an easy person to work with. Each and every person he uses to build his homes are of the highest quality and it shows in every aspect of the finished product. Peter was referred to me by close friends who had a home built by him several years before and I can see why. Having built before many years ago which was a bad experience to say the least I was very worried about doing it again. I can honestly say that my experience with Superior Homes was nothing short of amazing. They completed my almost three hundred square metre home in eight weeks and the build is faultless to say the least. I have now been in the house for three months and I am still amazed at the finished product as are all my friends and family.

The price was right, the standard inclusions are brilliant, all of the staff and tradesman are first quality and so is the home. I would recommend them to anybody wanting a first class quality home. Great job Peter and thank you again for making this such a pleasurable experience."

Default Avatar55
Noli & Geralyn Berame

"Dear Peter & Team Superior Homes,

In behalf of the whole family we are sincerely thanking you guys on one of the best service we ever experienced on building our much loved house.
Right at the very start we don't have any worries in talking directly to you Peter you are so humble and a simple person, even suggesting what could be the best options for the rooms and doors etc.
Credits also, to the trades people involved to Mr Gary, the draftsman who bear with us through the process despite of how many times we have changed the design. Building started late May 2015 and the handover happened 14 August 2015 which is my date of birth and it was really a wonderful and fabulous birthday present. Imagine they just do it in 12 weeks, SUPERIOR HOMES are really superb and outstanding.

We would surely recommend you to our friends and the people who would browse your website. DON'T THINK TWICE YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS WITH SUPERIOR HOMES! Builder of quality homes and with efficient workmanship in every detail of your house.

Kudos to all of you guys and more clients to come!!! Thank you so much."

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Alan and Sonya Pologa

"We built our very first home with Superior Homes in March this year. We had a fantastic experience, no headaches, no problems just smooth sailing for the entire process.

We think Superior Homes is absolutely the best value for money you could get! Our house was finished within the time frame given (8 weeks), with no date changes and we are over the moon with the quality of it, which is second to none.
Nothing was a problem for Peter and the boys, as we did have a few changes throughout the build, always professional and friendly.

As first home buyers we thought this would be a very stressful time….well we were wrong! From designing our dream home to selection of colours and everything in between was a breeze with the lovely professional staff that work for Peter.

We would definitely recommend Superior Homes to anyone looking to build."

Default Avatar55
Adam & Alison Olsen

Dear Peter,

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team for being the best building experience we have ever had. From the beginning dealing with yourself nothing was ever to much trouble and to be able to speak with a builder rather than a sales person was refreshing.
We could not say enough about all your trades people involved, they were professional, friendly, helpful and build a beautiful… “Superior” home. When the build started we were given a date for handover which was only 12 weeks away, it was amazing to see it all happen so quickly and efficiently. Each trade knew the schedule and that’s what they work to. The one thing we picked up from each of them was how long they have been with Superior Homes many of them 10+ years, this showed by how well they all communicated and worked with each other.

Having built twice before with a name brand builder we understood their process and thought they were flexible… NOT! One of the best things we found about Superior Homes was they worked with us to maximise everything in the house not just our spend. When we were in the planning stage Gary (the in house draftsman) called us directly to discuss the changes we had in mind, not only did he achieve everything we wanted but he made it more functional and we gained a larger laundry and more cupboard space.

The quality of workmanship is second to none, you can tell from when you first walk in the way everything is finished is done so with pride. We would have no hesitation to recommend Superior Homes to anyone who was considering building a new home. All the people we dealt with were great, what was promised was delivered and it was all done on time and on budget."

If you are looking to build just don’t build a home with anyone build a “Superior Home”."

Default Avatar55
Gavin & Janet

"We decided on Superior Homes initially due to two reasons - Dutch gables and good reviews!! We had already been ‘stung’ by one of the established display home builders with whom we had entered into a preliminary contract to build a home.

Our subsequent research and ‘drive-arounds’ revealed the distinct Dutch gables which is a Superior Homes speciality! On enquiry, and assistance from Project Manager Matt to view a recent ready-built home, we were inspired into contract.

Peter Coffin, the proprietor, works with your needs and operates on good, old fashioned trust - what he says you get and also extras you don't request - excellent surprises for your benefit.

The building operation is carried out rapidly - almost in a motor vehicle manufacturing "just in time" principal - each stage of the build being carried out by tradesmen whom Peter has had contact with for many years, therefore not waiting on various sub-contractors to finish working on other properties to get your house built, as appears to be the case with most other builders. His focus is on your property and you watch the progress on a regular basis. Furthermore, your house is built to the highest standards with quality materials with no waste of time - extremely important in our modern world!

In addition, we were able to reconstruct our own floorplan, based on the Boomi series, with his designer Gary, who worked into the night to get it right for us! Peter is able to achieve a very fairly priced home as he dispenses with advertising in show home display villages, saving the expense and labour cost of these and redirecting these savings to you the customer!

We are extremely happy with the finished product and we can offer our assurance - so will you if you build a Superior Home.

Thank you Peter & your team!!"

Default Avatar55

I just want to thank you all for my lovely new home. It is the first time I have built and had heard some real horror stories. My home was completed in 8 weeks which impressed me and my whole family members. The attention to detail is remarkable without the cost. I had researched prior to choosing Superior, no other builder could come near my quote from Peter!

I was able to design my own plan with Gary the draftsman, his knowledge and expertise helped me get the most out of my plan and provided me with exactly what I wanted at no charge.
It was such a stress free process and would highly recommend the team, the contractors are helpful, friendly and obliging. I would not use any other builder, even my whole family want to build a home with Superior!!

Default Avatar55
Sven and Doris Alder

My wife and I were looking to build a new home on the northern side of Brisbane and looked at a lot of display villages. One of the sales people from a developer showed us some of the homes Superior Homes had built. We were very impressed with the workmanship and the standard inclusions of the dwellings we inspected. We decided to buy a block of land in Griffin and engaged Superior Homes to construct our new home. We spent many hours (6 ½ to be exact) with Superiors Homes designer and finally finished a design we were both happy with. Nothing was too much for Gary. After speaking to Peter Coffin regarding the build time, he almost gave a guarantee of having our home completed in 8-9 weeks (weather allowing) and this was exactly what occurred – the slab was poured 5/7/2016 and handover was 1/9/2016. The build quality was excellent and nothing was a problem for Peter and his guys to make sure we were happy. Also, we found that Superior Homes paid particular attention to the building covenants & building laws, which gave us extra peace of mind. After inspecting some of the other homes being built in the area, Peter can certainly be proud of his contractors as the workmanship is second to none compared to other homes in the area. We would not hesitate to recommend Superior Homes to anyone wishing to build a home in fact we have already recommended him to 3 of our friends."

Default Avatar55
David, Kerri-Ann and Lachlan Kriedemann

Superior Homes. WOW. We have just recently built our new home for our son who has special needs. Peter and all the crew are sensational. When we were told in the beginning that it would take about 8 weeks to build, we weren't too sure. But watching the Superior staff work was amazing, they had their jobs and they went about and did it. We highly recommend Superior Homes to our friends and family, why wouldn't we. I truly believe they are the best. From the time our journey started, until the house was complete, we were mesmerized. The fittings, inside and out, are of top quality.
We would like to thank everyone involved in this project from the bottom of our heart. Very happy customers."

Default Avatar55
Malcolm Coote

Being in the real estate industry for more than 16 years and having built 6 homes with different companies, I have compared builders in both quality of construction and time they take to finish a property Superior have been far "superior" - so the name does say it all. A quality property in record timing. I will definitely be building more homes with Superior and recommending you to my family and friends, which I have already started to do.
Great job, glad I finally found you guys through a client of mine!"

Default Avatar55
Anona and Darryl

"Hi Peter and team,
Been in the house now for a couple of weeks and just want to pass on our thanks. The build time on our home was outstanding as it was only nine weeks from the time the slab was poured. I watch our home being built and over that time I was able to meet some of the trades and was impressed with their polite and professional attitude. The end result shows of quality and pride the superior team took in building our home. Very happy with the end result and would recommend any one who is thinking of building to use Superior for a hassle free and easy build."

Default Avatar55

I have worked in the Industry for the Past 13 years so when it came time to make the change and have a home built to how I want it Superior Homes was my only choice!
Let me break it down why this is.

Why I first looked at Superior: I’ve worked in the industry for the past 13 years and the past 10 years I’ve worked alongside Peter and his team as a supplier, in my job I have spent a lot of time on job sites but I could count on the amount of times I’ve been on a Superior site in the 10 years on 1 hand. This is because they operate at the highest level of standard, meaning there is never a problem and in most cases I would just take photos on how a house is supposed to be built. So much so during my build I took my Trainee staff through the build to give them an understanding on how it should be done.

Stage 1 Choosing a house and Pricing: Peter has wide catalogue of house designs to suit all blocks and every need, he is also happy to have you design a house through his Draftee Gary, build from a plan you have yourself or just make changes to one of his designs as I did. Peter Provides the price himself and Literally will have a Quotation back to you inside of 2 days not weeks like other builders. With the Quotation you will get an Inclusions list, Superiors has the Most comprehensive inclusions list I have seen. When it comes to comparing apples with apples, no one compares to Superior homes. I’m talking about Air con, Security screens, window dressings, Insulation, Termite resistant Frames and the list goes on and on and this is standard. The Inclusions are presented in easy to read point form and you are told the Brand of appliance which is Westinghouse by the way and the product code for each appliance so you can literally google the appliances that you will be getting. That’s Clarity!

Stage 2 Personalising Your home: A big Thank you needs to go to Hayley in the office, Hayley is nothing but accommodating throughout the entire build process her professionalism towards your every need makes your build experience an absolute pleasure and every request is met with the up most enthusiasm. When it comes to your house design you will deal with Gary Superiors Draftee, Gary is the most knowledgeable draftee I have ever dealt with and it shows. His plans cover every aspect and are not just to get council approval they are to build the home of your dreams and build that home to a “Superior Standard”. Gary carries with him the same qualities mentioned about Hayley and he will help and advise you on your house design in a way that will make it a journey that you will look back on and just smile about, this is because the end product you end up with will be all you could imagine and more.

Stage 3 Build Process: 9 WEEK BUILD TIME!!! How is this Possible?
Peter has established a Team, a long serving team with most members, Suppliers and trades that have been with him since I can remember. Everyone has been instilled with Peter’s model, Superior Quality, Superior Customer Service and an absolute attention to detail giving you the result of a “Superior Home”. You will receive a contacts list with your contract of all the trades you may need to talk with including Matt the Construction Manager, again Matt is nothing but a “Pro” at his trade and conducts himself with the upmost professionalism and gives you a sense of absolute confidence throughout the build.

Stage 4 Handover: This is the time you will look to nit-pick and put your serious face on to make sure you are receiving the Home you envisioned. What I found is that I was so impressed by the standard of finish and the attention to detail I could not wipe the smile of my face, My home literally has more attention to detail and a better finish quality than any display home I have ever set foot in! Once more due to the service provided by Hayley, Gary and Matt I have a home that I would not change a thing in, their ability to give you guidance and translate your vision into a reality is Brilliant and they make the experience a pleasure.

I am happy to recommend Superior to any one that wants to love the home they live in and enjoy its creation.

Thanks Guys, I love my Superior Home and the Superior Lifestyle it has given me."

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Christine and Robert

We have just had our house built by Superior Homes QLD and are extremely pleased with the result.
It took only 9 weeks to complete as there was someone on the job everyday due to Peter (company director) being so very organised. Everyone involved were excellent and highly skilled in their trade. The house is finished well above any standard you might expect, so we are as pleased as punch with the quality.
A big thank you to everyone who works with Superior Homes and we would recommend this company to anybody wanting to build their dream home."

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Leonie Gray and Charles Mamet

Hi Peter, Hayley and the team,

We decided to downsize by selling our home and have a smaller home built to put money away for a rainy day and to travel. Previously we had been fortunate in that we had built a home ourselves at the top of a hill where we were able to observe other homes being built below and around us over a period of 2 years!

We were fascinated by the professionalism and work ethic of the people involved in certain homes as we watched these homes being built. We found that by walking around in the evenings and inspecting the homes as they were being built, that these Superior Homes stood out above the rest, we could see that every detail was being taken care of! PLUS they sprung up like a mushroom!

Young people moved in to a Superior Home next door and were good enough to proudly show us their home as a finished product and we were in no doubt that we could trust Superior homes to build our home!

We were so impressed with the organised way in which we were helped to choose the bricks and colours etc down to the last detail inside and out, we were told 8 weeks to handover and we truly sat back and left the lot to the team! We loved going to the house throughout the 8 weeks to see the progress and the professionalism, and the co-operation with the supervisor Jake.

Having built our own home previously, we appreciated not having to attend to the details of choosing taps and shower heads and rails, security lights, lighting etc, but to walk into our home and find everything of good quality and a good finish was to us amazing. BUT that was what we expected because we had seen it, and that is what we got! The keys were handed over on the due date!

We had 2 minor issues with taps which were resolved immediately by email, and I’m sure you can tell we are extremely happy with Superior Homes and would recommend them to anyone!"

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Melissa & Craig Ford

Building our home with superior homes was a great experience, we were first home buyers and were very cautious about the whole process but when we couldn’t find a plan that suited our needs Peter was very happy to make a time for us to sit down with Gary his draftsman. We met with Gary and discussed all our needs before coming up with a custom design that would work on our block as well as suited our needs. Gary made us feel very comfortable and feel as though we were in safe hands. He was adamant that he could make our desired house design inside our budget. A couple days later we had our first draft that was almost perfect and after a couple changes we had our design.

We regularly contacted Peter in the first few weeks making many changes / upgrades and Peter never made us feel as though it was an inconvenience. He made us feel very comfortable about discussing any changes that we had considered and provided advice on the best options that would give us the best results. I feel that the actual build time has to be the biggest standout factor from most other builders we had initially talked to before deciding on Superior. The other builders had all indicated a time range of between 6-12 months with many saying that it would be closer to the 12-month time frame. Superior indicated a 3 month approx turn around and to our surprise they easily achieved that estimate with our slab being poured on the 18/06/15 and the handover of our new home to us was on the 28/08/15.

The build quality of our home is terrific and considering the time frame it was built in is truly amazing. They definitely do a great job but when we did have a problem with some tiles in the bath room they had someone out the next day and it was all fixed. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and will be recommending Superior Homes to anyone who is considering building a new home."

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"Hi Superior Homes,
I never dreamed that building my first home would go so smoothly. But, best of all was watching it go up week by week and seeing the construction happening so quick!! I've had my house warming party and the comments I got from my friends and family at how good it looked, made me realise that I had made the best choice to build with superior homes. The workmanship and quality are of high standard! Thank you Superior homes!"

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Brianna Zelow and Ben Blakey

"To Peter and the entire Superior Homes Team,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for building us such a wonderful home.

We absolutely love it and are so appreciative of all of your hard work.

The entire build process with you was really enjoyable, and you made everything so easy.

Everything has exceeded our expectations and we will have no hesitation to recommend your company to our family and friends in the future.

Words cannot express how happy with are with our new home – thank you again!"

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Ray Harvey

"Honesty, fun, only variations were credits, no defects, 9 weeks to build, comprehensive list of quality inclusions, good advice, nothing to do on completion.

What more could you ask for.

I didn't need to be asked to give a testimonial, I volunteered.

This is the sixth house I have had built for me over 35 years, and they took between 5 and 12 months to build, inevitably had between 8 and over 20 defects and variations that inevitably added @10% to the price.

We settled on the land on the 21st February and Superior poured the slab on the 26th. Handover occurred on the 30th April exactly 9 weeks later.

Yes there were variations, two of them and they were both credits. I can’t ever remember receiving a credit before and they could easily have not given them to me and I would have been none the wiser.

As far as I was concerned there were no defects but Peter insisted there was a spack of paint on a door handle and no touch up paint left behind, which I have never used in the past.

To top it off they were fun to deal with and the superviser Matt was forthcoming with good advice.

I didn't need to worry about doing jobs after the house was finished, it was all done with a comprehensive list (67) of good inclusions. "

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Peter & Wendy Dykes

"We have recently built a new home with Superior Homes. We would highly recommend this builder to any prospective people thinking of building a new home. We have built six homes and we downsized into our new home with Superior Homes and we could not be happier. The finish on our home is one of the best we have had. We would certainly build with Superior Homes again."

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Ross & Leanne Hicks

"When we decided to buy our first home, we did not think that building would be a possibility. However after searching display homes for about 6 months we decided to build with Superior Homes. We found them to be the best in regards to price, quality and standard inclusions.

The build for us was a dream run, we had no trouble from cutting the block to the handover, and we were there most days to see the progress and were really impressed. Peter was extremely flexible with any changes we decided to make from the original quote. We actually made 38 variations to original quote to put our own personal touch on it and at no stage did he make us feel like a burden for asking him for information with regards to what was going into the home. He stood behind his products that he used and offered, and we had no reason not to trust him. They never treated us as a hassle and were always willing to make themselves available when we requested it, Matt was always willing to meet us every time, thanks.

Superior Homes timing was spot on, and the house, with all the inclusions, including all our extras, was completed in 8 weeks.

We would recommend Superior Homes to anyone and will not hesitate to use them again if we decide to build another home.

This home was a dream first home for our family, we are so proud of the finished product.

Thank you to everyone affiliated with Superior Homes who made it possible."

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Andrew and Amanda

When we decided to buy our first home, we did not think that building would be a possibility. However after searching display homes for about 6 months we decided to build with Superior Homes. We found them to be the best in regards to price, quality and standard inclusions.

The build for us was a dream run, we had no trouble from cutting the block to the handover, and we were there most days to see the progress and were really impressed. Peter was extremely flexible with any changes we decided to make from the original quote. We actually made 38 variations to original quote to put our own personal touch on it and at no stage did he make us feel like a burden for asking him for information with regards to what was going into the home. He stood behind his products that he used and offered, and we had no reason not to trust him. They never treated us as a hassle and were always willing to make themselves available when we requested it, Matt was always willing to meet us every time, thanks.

Superior Homes timing was spot on, and the house, with all the inclusions, including all our extras, was completed in 8 weeks.

We would recommend Superior Homes to anyone and will not hesitate to use them again if we decide to build another home.

This home was a dream first home for our family, we are so proud of the finished product.

Thank you to everyone affiliated with Superior Homes who made it possible.

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Sally Tiarnah and Tom Draper

"Our brand new home was completed on the 26/11/13 taking 8 weeks construction time from slab pour. We were amazed at the quality of all of the tradesman involved.

Sally and I could not be more happy with our brand new family home. Peter has this game sorted out to a T. As a civil construction foreman, I was very impressed with how the site looked at all times, so clean and organised.

I would recommend Peter to anyone considering building a new home, and I already have.

My friends house burnt down recently and Peter is helping them with all the ins and outs of building with an insurance company. And now my friends are going to have a quality home on a budget exactly how they wanted.

Thank you to Peter, Matt and all the tradesman involved

I have recommended and will continue recommending SUPERIOR HOMES"

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Ann & Frank Morris

We want to thank Peter of Superior Homes Queensland, along with Matt his supervisor, and all the team, for building us a beautifully well designed and extremely well built home. Not forgetting it being most cost effective!

My husband and I had decided to downsize our home and the hunt was on for a builder who could work with us to design and build a home that met our current needs and also provide for future disabled access.

We visited many “display homes,” as soon as we mentioned disabled, we saw the dollar signs light up in the salesmen’s eyes. That was when we decided to approach a local builder directly, so I contacted Superior and was amazed when Peter himself answered my call and actually could quote certain building requirements off the top of his head! I did check his registration and found he had no complaints lodged against him (a bonus believe me). Peter and his engineer/architect Gary refigured a floor plan, which Frank and I liked, to give us everything we needed. All changes were emailed for our comments. Gary and Peter offered advice on issues I hadn’t thought of!

Peter uses quality materials suppled by local suppliers, his tradesmen were fantastic, my husband and I visited the site on almost a daily basis, and every day workmen were on site, and all welcomed us! Peter has amazing work ethics and enthuses his workmen. Peter and Matt were available by mobile phone at all times, for any queries and indeed encouraged us to speak to them, we even got calls asking us to pop around and speak with tradies who wanted to meet us to advise and offer options! Our slab was laid on the 25th September and handover of the completed home was 27th November. This included gardens being laid out, all fencing and paths around the home. Amazing! Peter met us for handover and we could not find one fault to document. Matt also came in to check we were happy with everything. I desperately wanted to be in by Christmas and we were!!

Frank and I are now settled, in our beautiful forever home, by the lake, in Central Lakes!

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Amy Long

"Casey and I built with Superior Homes in 2013.

We are extremely happy with and how quickly they have put our house together and impressed with the constant communication that reassured us through the whole process.

Our slab was poured on the 15/10/13 and we received our keys not long after on the 16/12/13 (Just in time for Christmas). Our whole family were delighted and overwhelmed with the quality and attention to detail on this house. We could not recommend a better builder than Peter, Matt and there team. They were easy to work with and have an amazing turn around time. We are still raving to our friends about how happy we are with everything.

This was our first home Casey and I have build together; with no experience, this was surprisingly the least stressful task we have faced, thanks to Superior Homes. Casey proposed to me on our slab and we will always remember that this house was the beginning of our lives together, and this house is now our home."

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Shane Gresinger

"In 2013, I had my new home built by Superior Homes.

Put it this way, I have never seen a house constructed this quickly and efficiently,and at every turn something new was happening on a continuous basis. Impressive, 7 weeks to build rain included, I never had any problems and the home was just built the way I wanted. What more could I ask for?

There was only one mistake and that was an oversight of mine where I forgot to add something to the house but Peter said no worries and just did it free of charge, no hassle.

Having built homes in the past,you always had some problems, but with this there were none.

Peter and his team, I noticed operated differently to other builders, the point I make and that I am impressed with what he does by having his trades people in on timely fashion and as one is finished the other is on the job ready to go or they are all there working as a team and solve any issues on the spot.

He uses a system to build his homes on a smooth continuous flowing process called a timeline, this is how it is done quicklyin a very professional manner. Smart thinking.

The building site was kept clean at all times even as far as having a vacuum cleaner on site, impressive.

The finish on the house was top qualityand the workmanship was second to none as everything was done with precision.

  • In all, what I asked for I got and more!
  • If you ask me would I build through Superior homes again? That is a 110% yes,
  • Would I recommend him and his team to anyone that is a 110% yes.
  • Am I happy with my home? Damn right I am.

I LIKE TO THANK ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN BUILDING MY HOME, YOU IMPRESSED THIS LITTLE BLACK DUCK. When I decide to build again I know who I will be calling "Superior Homes" I am impressed! Great job."

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Chris and Kirsty Cousens

"Its such a big decision on who to build with, and being first home builders its even harder as we had no experience to base it on . But by choosing Peter and his guys we were in great hands. Very easy Company to deal with, everything we changed was no trouble for them at anytime. We also chose to design our own house, instead of choosing a Set plan.

Superior Homes Architect was excellent to deal with, coming back to us with our dream first home. On our handover (which was a week early) we had a family friend who was a Qld Government School Building Inspector, do the walk through with us, she didn't pick a thing up. So overall our experience with Superior Homes has been a great one, and would not hesitate to build with them again."

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Shane and Vanessa

"Searching for the right builder is always the most difficult part of building a home. However, the moment we walked into the office of Superior Homes we knew that they would be building our home. Peter and his team were open and honest and willing to help in any way they could. Being our first home we were very nervous about the whole process but were very quickly reassured and our journey began on 27 April 2012.

Our foreman on-site was forever helping us and guiding us in anyway that he could making the experience very easy. When meeting with the suppliers for tiles/carpets, fittings and others we knew that we had made the right decision. From the moment we walked into the showrooms they knew exactly what to show us and how Peter operated - the options were endless.

Some short weeks later we moved into our house on the 29 June 2012 - a total of eight weeks for our build time. Superior Homes is a very professional and seamless organisation that I would highly recommend to anyone who is building a new home. We were over the moon with the standard and quality of the workmanship. Even today we will see Matt on the way to another job and without fail he will stop and ask how everything is going. Thank you to Superior Homes for a wonderful experience and making our house as beautiful as it is."

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Len & Bev Willis

"Hi Peter, Both Bev and I are very happy with Superior Homes, our house was started on the 4 December 2012 and was handed over on the 8 February 2013 as per the agreed date. During the construction period your team carried out their work professionally and were very approachable to answer any questions we had. We would recommend Superior Homes."

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Aaron & Renee

"Hi Peter, we are settling in great, loving the new house. Myself and my partner where first time home owners and first members of our family to ever build there own home. We found Superior Homes Fantastic, from the minute we first met they where so helpful, friendly, professional, explained everything clearly, handled us always changing our minds and keeping us up to date with the progress of the house. We would often stop by and watch our house being built, and every time we did all the trades people where wonderful, always letting us see what they had done and talking to us through what's happening next. The house was completed on time and with everything we wanted. Could not be happier. If we were to ever move and build again Superior Homes would be the ones building for us. Very highly recommended."

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David & Debbie Saltrick

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done for us, we love our new home and you guys were awesome, great to talk with and I take my hat off to you we are so happy we're in before Christmas. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, take care and the very best for the future."

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Darren and Trina

"We moved into our beautiful home in April 2012. This was our first home and had no idea how to get started, but luckily we were given a recommendation to go and see Peter at Superior Homes. We were worried as we had heard many stories of other builders who don't build quality homes and basically leave the new home owners disappointed and upset with the results.

We went off to see Gary, (designer) who really took the time to find out about our family dynamics and how we wanted our house to function. He was very patient and we loved the final result. Peter gave use time frames for the building of our house, but we really expected the building to go over time, it didn't. We were very impressed at how hard the builders, plumbers, painters, tilers, electricians etc worked. Our house was finished on time and perfect! It was great to meet Peter and shake his hand to say Thank You. He uses top quality products and top quality craftsmen. It made our building experience a really happy one, and we would definetly use Peter and Superior Homes again."

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Ben & Stacey Wilkinson

"We chose to build with Superior Homes after looking at numerous building packages and display homes. Superior Homes stood out from the rest and we were impressed with the communication and assistance we received right from the start. Designing our home was made easy with the help of the draftsman who ensured our design was exactly what we wanted. We found the quality of workmanship from the carpenters to be of an extremely high standard, and the guys were always happy to assist us with any queries we had about the process. We love our new home and would highly recommend Superior Homes as your builder of choice."

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Anthony Marshall and Yan Li

"We recently had Peter from Superior Homes construct our new home for us. From the beginning Peter was friendly approachable and open with us. Peter and his team were honest and did what they said they would and when they said it would be done. His building team including the supervisor were always willing to help and answer any question we had. We were very happy with the final prìce of our home, which inciuded many things standard that other builders charge extra for. The time was impressively quick and the workmanship very high quality. In short we were very happy with Peter and his team ,and are very happy with our new home."

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"Recently Peter Coffin from Superior Homes Qld completed building our duplex. From the beginning of our drawing stage Peter was obliging and eager to meet our preferences in style, even though what we were asking had no known example to draw from. Each stage from drawing to planning and construction was finished in a most efficient manner, and we were quite impressed. Afterwards, we inspected the completed building, and realized that Peter had included thoughtful "small touches" into the construction. I do recommend Superior Homes to anyone wishing to build."

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Dave and Simone

"We met with at least 10 home builders and perused many standard conditions before selecting Superior Homes as our builder. The whole process was quick and easy. The house was designed by the team to meet our needs and our block. The price was so comparative to the bigger home building companies we were blown away. We kept trying to find the hidden extras, thinking there must be a catch. Our stringent review of the standard provisions identified quality brand fittings, generous timber in the frame, concrete slabs for the water tank and hot water system - the things the other builders didn't always offer. We were also happy with Peter Coffin's no rubbish and no sales pitch attitude. We were able to add in selected extras before the build contract was signed which meant we didn't have surprises in the end price. We also got the opportunity to meet with trades and suppliers direct so we could discuss some alternative options to make our home a little more unique. Once we signed the contract and were granted approval to build, the Superior Homes team acted quickly and professionally to build our beautiful new home. Our neighbours we e-mailing us regularly to keep us updated with progress when we couldn't visit the site and they always commented that the foreman kept a very tight ship and this was evident in the quality of the workmanship and the way they left the site each day. Members of our family, who have built with other builders, were impressed with the quality and the way the site was left and so were we. We did our homework to select a builder and are proud to tell people we had a great build! In the end, we ended up with a quality home, designed & built for us for the same price the big project builders could offer on their standard plans."

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"I had the pleasure of having my home built by Superior Homes, eveybody I dealt with was curtious and respectful, it was an easy process, communication was easy,and I would do it all again without hesitation. I love my new home. Thanks to the care and workmanship of the building team. "

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Carlton and Sarah Shaw

"I would like to say a big thank you to Superior Homes, Peter, his tradesman and contractors, for building my beautiful home. The construction was hassle-free from start to finish and my home was handed over on time, and on budget (which included all those wanted extras!). I was impressed with the pride shown in their work, even down to tidying and sweeping the site at the end of each day! My then soon-to-be-neighbours all commented to me on how impressed they were. Twelve months on, and I still love my home like the first day! I would certainly recommend Superior Homes to anyone building and would not hesitate using them to build another house."

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Adi Koszta

"This is just a note to say how thoroughly impressed I was with Superior Homes during the recent construction of a home.

Having previously been through a house build with a different builder, I was sceptical and apprehensive at best. However, the process that Peter and the team at superior homes undertake is nothing less than impressive.

Of particular importance are the following points that far exceeded my expectations:

  • Build timeframes
  • All inclusive building costs/contracts
  • Adherence to communicated timeframes
  • Communication when timeframes were not going to be met - due to factors outside of their control

Based on comparing the work and service of other builders to that of Superior Homes, I can genuinely say that Superior Homes' quality and processes are second to none. I would have no hesitation to using them in the future and recommending them to anyone building a house or home."

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Donna Thomas

I would like to say a big thank you to Superior Homes, Peter, his tradesman and contractors, for building my beautiful home. The construction was hassle-free from start to finish and my home was handed over on time, and on budget (which included all those wanted extras!). I was impressed with the pride shown in their work, even down to tidying and sweeping the site at the end of each day! My then soon-to-be-neighbours all commented to me on how impressed they were. Twelve months on, and I still love my home like the first day! I would certainly recommend Superior Homes to anyone building and would not hesitate using them to build another house.

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Boyd and Sita Connelly

"We built our first home in Caboolture and thankfully were referred to Superior Homes and couldn't have been happier. They were fast, efficient and inclusive. We were consulted fully and advised at all times with any changes or issues (not that there was any) . Our home was completed within the time frame given us and We were involved in the whole process. We have been living in our beautifully constructed home for over 6 months now and are just as happy as the day we moved in with no issues at all . Thank you to Matt and Peter for all your advise and helpful hints."

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Graham Leddy

"Kathy and l were very happy with the Whole process of having Superior Homes build our investment property. Peter and Sandy were very professional, friendly and efficient with everything they did for us. The quote they provided was very clear and easy to understand andthe quality of their workmanship was spot on. The quality of the fixtures and fittings they use as standard was very high. Once construction began there was no mucking around with the project starting late October and finishing early February, despite a number of wet days in between. The handover of the keys was done by the project foreman, who was only too happy to show off the high quality ofthe work he and his team had delivered. We would be happy to recommend Superior Homes to anybody looking to build their next house or home. to come home to."

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Sophie Jayamaha

"I am so thankful that Superior Homes was recommended to me to build my duplex in Carboolture. I couldn't have bought a house of that quality with the cost of building with Superior Homes. The finish Was excellent and the completion took place at the expected time scale thanks to Matt's supervision at each stage. Peter was Very helpful and he was a great resource for me to tap into his knowledge to make informed choices of building material to suit my taste. From the start to finish [had no complaints and the work was carried out smoothly. I recommend Superior Homes to build your home specially if you have no time to supervise how the Work gets done."

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Mal & Sharon Dingle

"When we decided to down size our house we spent countless week-ends checking out different builders,display homes,until we came across superior homes.Peter was very helpful from the word go,he sent us to see gary the draftsman who is a genius with house designs.From then on everything was so organised,from the kitchen, the fittings,floor coverings and colours. Peter surronds himself with professional people which put our minds at ease.A special thank-you to Matt,Peter's site manager who's tireless effort turned the house into our home.Thanks once again guys."

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Felicity McInerney

"Finally, an honest builder who listens to his clients. A builder that lets you tweak the house designs and sticks to your budget with a quality finish.

We got extras that come standard with the build, whilst other builders you'd have to pay more. Peter and his supervisor Matt, were very accommodating with a great team of workers to deliver on time.
Thanks so much for a house that we love to come home to."

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Kristen Spinner

"I just want to thank the 'Superior homes team' for the dedication and workmanship put in to create my first brand new investment property. With the time,speed and quality that was very unexpected. I thank you and look forward to doing business sometime in the near future. Also a special thanks to Stacey."

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Lindsay and Jeanette Becroft

"Dear Peter,

We would like to thank you and your tradesmen for the excellent job done in the construction of our new home. The boys and you were very easy to talk to and deal with. Nothing was too hard.

This made the whole building process much easier.

We were very happy with the new house. Should you ever need a reference from us we would by happy in recommending you as a builder to anyone wishing to build a new home.

Once again thank you all for a job well done."

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Colin and Jenny Railton

"We could not be happier with our new home. Peter and his team were wonderful from start to finish even through months of endless rain. No other company would take on our steep sloping block and build the house of our dreams.

Peter and his team even offered a few ideas along the way to make our plans even better. Building our home was an exciting and enjoyable experience. The workmanship is of the highest quality and we would not hesitate to use Superior Homes again"

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Matt and Kelly Klibbe

"After building a spec home as our first house, we wanted to have a greater input into our next home. We had ideas and had learnt lessons from our first build, and we needed a builder that would listen and help us bring these ideas to life. Peter, and Superior Homes, provided us with great service and attention to detail.

We were involved and consulted at every stage of the building process. The quality of fittings and finishes helped us to build a family home that we absolutely love. Peter delivered a beautiful home, on time and on budget. We have recommended him to many of our friends, and 12 months on, we are still so pleased with our home. Thanks Peter and Superior Homes"

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Bill & Kay Short

"We recently engaged Peter and his team to build an extension onto the front of our home to accommodate my elderly father. I can only speak highly of the team.

Their workmanship was faultless, they worked to a tight schedule which included much wet weather and they were professional in their manner at all times. My father, who has worked in the building industry most of his life, has moved into his new quarters and is more than delighted with the end result. Thank you once again for a job well done."

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Christine & James Cook

"Our beautiful home was built and completed by Superior Homes in 2005.
Before deciding on a Building Company to build our Retirement Home we extensively, checked out the big names in the building industry.
We visited numerous display homes, asked a zillion questions, and compared quotes, before finally deciding on Superior Homes as our builder.

Our decision was based on a number of important factors which I have listed:

  • The one to one personal service we received from day one.
  • The quality of the workmanship
  • The value for money
  • No hidden costs

If you are looking for the house of your dreams, built to your specifications and your budget, then Superior Homes is the way to go."

Default Avatar55
Stephen & Michelle Heath