Ann & Frank Morris

Superior Homes

We want to thank Peter of Superior Homes Queensland, along with Matt his supervisor, and all the team, for building us a beautifully well designed and extremely well built home. Not forgetting it being most cost effective! My husband and I had decided to downsize our home and the hunt was on for a builder who could work with us to design and build a home that met our current needs and also provide for future disabled access. We visited many “display homes,” as soon as we mentioned disabled, we saw the dollar signs light up in the salesmen’s eyes. That was when we decided to approach a local builder directly, so I contacted Superior and was amazed when Peter himself answered my call and actually could quote certain building requirements off the top of his head! I did check his registration and found he had no complaints lodged against him (a bonus believe me). Peter and his engineer/architect Gary refigured a floor plan, which Frank and I liked, to give us everything we needed. All changes were emailed for our comments. Gary and Peter offered advice on issues I hadn’t thought of! Peter uses quality materials suppled by local suppliers, his tradesmen were fantastic, my husband and I visited the site on almost a daily basis, and every day workmen were on site, and all welcomed us! Peter has amazing work ethics and enthuses his workmen. Peter and Matt were available by mobile phone at all times, for any queries and indeed encouraged us to speak to them, we even got calls asking us to pop around and speak with tradies who wanted to meet us to advise and offer options! Our slab was laid on the 25th September and handover of the completed home was 27th November. This included gardens being laid out, all fencing and paths around the home. Amazing! Peter met us for handover and we could not find one fault to document. Matt also came in to check we were happy with everything. I desperately wanted to be in by Christmas and we were!! Frank and I are now settled, in our beautiful forever home, by the lake, in Central Lakes!