Dave and Simone

Superior Homes

"We met with at least 10 home builders and perused many standard conditions before selecting Superior Homes as our builder. The whole process was quick and easy. The house was designed by the team to meet our needs and our block. The price was so comparative to the bigger home building companies we were blown away. We kept trying to find the hidden extras, thinking there must be a catch. Our stringent review of the standard provisions identified quality brand fittings, generous timber in the frame, concrete slabs for the water tank and hot water system - the things the other builders didn't always offer. We were also happy with Peter Coffin's no rubbish and no sales pitch attitude. We were able to add in selected extras before the build contract was signed which meant we didn't have surprises in the end price. We also got the opportunity to meet with trades and suppliers direct so we could discuss some alternative options to make our home a little more unique. Once we signed the contract and were granted approval to build, the Superior Homes team acted quickly and professionally to build our beautiful new home. Our neighbours we e-mailing us regularly to keep us updated with progress when we couldn't visit the site and they always commented that the foreman kept a very tight ship and this was evident in the quality of the workmanship and the way they left the site each day. Members of our family, who have built with other builders, were impressed with the quality and the way the site was left and so were we. We did our homework to select a builder and are proud to tell people we had a great build! In the end, we ended up with a quality home, designed & built for us for the same price the big project builders could offer on their standard plans."