Gavin & Janet

Superior Homes

"We decided on Superior Homes initially due to two reasons - Dutch gables and good reviews!! We had already been ‘stung’ by one of the established display home builders with whom we had entered into a preliminary contract to build a home. Our subsequent research and ‘drive-arounds’ revealed the distinct Dutch gables which is a Superior Homes speciality! On enquiry, and assistance from Project Manager Matt to view a recent ready-built home, we were inspired into contract. Peter Coffin, the proprietor, works with your needs and operates on good, old fashioned trust - what he says you get and also extras you don't request - excellent surprises for your benefit. The building operation is carried out rapidly - almost in a motor vehicle manufacturing "just in time" principal - each stage of the build being carried out by tradesmen whom Peter has had contact with for many years, therefore not waiting on various sub-contractors to finish working on other properties to get your house built, as appears to be the case with most other builders. His focus is on your property and you watch the progress on a regular basis. Furthermore, your house is built to the highest standards with quality materials with no waste of time - extremely important in our modern world! In addition, we were able to reconstruct our own floorplan, based on the Boomi series, with his designer Gary, who worked into the night to get it right for us! Peter is able to achieve a very fairly priced home as he dispenses with advertising in show home display villages, saving the expense and labour cost of these and redirecting these savings to you the customer! We are extremely happy with the finished product and we can offer our assurance - so will you if you build a Superior Home. Thank you Peter & your team!!"