Leonie Gray and Charles Mamet

Superior Homes

Hi Peter, Hayley and the team, We decided to downsize by selling our home and have a smaller home built to put money away for a rainy day and to travel. Previously we had been fortunate in that we had built a home ourselves at the top of a hill where we were able to observe other homes being built below and around us over a period of 2 years! We were fascinated by the professionalism and work ethic of the people involved in certain homes as we watched these homes being built. We found that by walking around in the evenings and inspecting the homes as they were being built, that these Superior Homes stood out above the rest, we could see that every detail was being taken care of! PLUS they sprung up like a mushroom! Young people moved in to a Superior Home next door and were good enough to proudly show us their home as a finished product and we were in no doubt that we could trust Superior homes to build our home! We were so impressed with the organised way in which we were helped to choose the bricks and colours etc down to the last detail inside and out, we were told 8 weeks to handover and we truly sat back and left the lot to the team! We loved going to the house throughout the 8 weeks to see the progress and the professionalism, and the co-operation with the supervisor Jake. Having built our own home previously, we appreciated not having to attend to the details of choosing taps and shower heads and rails, security lights, lighting etc, but to walk into our home and find everything of good quality and a good finish was to us amazing. BUT that was what we expected because we had seen it, and that is what we got! The keys were handed over on the due date! We had 2 minor issues with taps which were resolved immediately by email, and I’m sure you can tell we are extremely happy with Superior Homes and would recommend them to anyone!"