Nadine Meyer

Superior Homes

Where do I start?...... I absolutely LOVE our beautifully built new home! I can honestly say that I would highly recommend Superior Homes to friends, relatives, and total strangers with the greatest of confidence. They truly are a team of professional people and skilled Tradesmen. Every single person involved in the building of our home was knowledgeable, courteous and friendly in nature. When looking around in display homes (and we looked at many), I was appalled at some of the workmanship of very “reputable” builders. My keen eye to detail was certainly on the radar. I couldn’t help but notice this, and thought that if this is their display home (which you’d think would be schmick), how bad would mine be if I build with them? And then there was Superior Homes…..what a difference from all the others! Oh my goodness! My friend had built with Superior Homes, and I loved how “finished” it was. Perfectly laid tiles, easy wipe paint, nice fittings for doors, showers, bathrooms and toilets. Her house oozed real quality, class and craftsmanship. The journey for our build was quite smooth, speedy, well managed, and pleasurable. Peter has an amazing team that he entrusts to deliver expertise and proficiency. We were so grateful for the help and input from Peter, the Draftsman, the Interior Decorator and colour expect, and our Site Manager. Without them, we may have made some not so good choices. I am of the opinion that it’s always best to take the advice of the person whom this is their field, after all, I am no expert in the building industry. Now we have our own gorgeous home built for us, to suit us, and every inch of it has been put together with an eye to detail and perfection. I believe Superior Homes stand by their name. Our house is Superior to so many others, and I am over the moon happy to have had our home built by them. Thank you to Peter and your astounding team. You may have built a house, but it’s our home, and we all love it. Nadine Meyer