Naveed and Mehwish


This is a huge Thank you from us for building our first home. The journey started a while back when I met Peter at his office and explained what I wanted. We were offered a quotation based on size of house and the inclusions we wanted. It wasn't the usual base price + site costs + allowances for this that and the other. It was an all inclusive quote right from the word go. It amazed me that I was not asked to look at some book with 40 designs to choose from. Peter asked me to go and see Gary the Drafts-man who in turn asked us about the block of land and what we wanted in the house. Our thoughts were converted to a truly custom design. I had, before going to Superior homes, dealt with 4 other formula builders. This was the first time I felt comfortable with the process. I did not feel "being sold" something. We were being listened to and assisted with the process. There were no shifty salesman rather the builder himself guiding us through the process. The standard inclusions are generous as compared to most other builders. You get the best bang for your buck with Superior. We however wanted some extras which were all welcomed without any hesitance. We were finicky and our final quotation was "number 17". By this time we had chosen our carpet, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, 3 phase power, paint colours, additional windows etc etc etc. Nothing was ever a problem and every request was entertained. We signed the contract when we felt everything was as it should be and there was no pressure to sign. The greatest surprise comes when the boys take over the site. Imagine a 300 meter house going up and completed in 10 weeks. Its absolutely amazing. Even during the build I highlighted a couple of things which were readily taken care of. We are expecting a new addition to the family and time pressure was on us but thanks to the top bloke Peter and Jake (the supervisor) we were in the new house before we expected. In the end we got a custom design house for the price of a regular build. The build quality is really good with all materials used being as mentioned in contract details. I cant recommend them enough. I will welcome you at my house if you wanted to see what Peter and his team can create.