Ray Harvey

Superior Homes

"Honesty, fun, only variations were credits, no defects, 9 weeks to build, comprehensive list of quality inclusions, good advice, nothing to do on completion. What more could you ask for. I didn't need to be asked to give a testimonial, I volunteered. This is the sixth house I have had built for me over 35 years, and they took between 5 and 12 months to build, inevitably had between 8 and over 20 defects and variations that inevitably added @10% to the price.
We settled on the land on the 21st February and Superior poured the slab on the 26th. Handover occurred on the 30th April exactly 9 weeks later. Yes there were variations, two of them and they were both credits. I can’t ever remember receiving a credit before and they could easily have not given them to me and I would have been none the wiser. As far as I was concerned there were no defects but Peter insisted there was a spack of paint on a door handle and no touch up paint left behind, which I have never used in the past. To top it off they were fun to deal with and the superviser Matt was forthcoming with good advice. I didn't need to worry about doing jobs after the house was finished, it was all done with a comprehensive list (67) of good inclusions. "