Rob & Gwenda

Superior Homes

We have recently moved into our new dream home built by Superior Homes, in the new Central Lakes estate, and we are just over the moon! Tired of renting and dealing with incompetent real-estate agents, we bought a block of land from QM Properties and began searching for a builder.

We looked at the usual big name builders (Metricon, Coral Homes, etc) as we visited many display homes but we were quickly dismayed with all the ‘extras’ we’d have to pay for things we believed should be standard as well as the length of some of the build times. We were introduced to Peter from Superior Homes who met with us and took us through one of his recently completed houses. We were completely impressed with the house we saw, both with the quality of the build and with the materials used (the GPO in the kitchen was a nice touch) and Peter was very confident about the quality of his homes and for good reason! Once we got a quote, which was the best quote from five builders, we signed our contract and met with Gary who does the floor plans. We told Gary what we wanted and within a few days came back with a plan, which was good but not exactly what we wanted. He came back a few days later with another plan which was 100% perfect!

Once the land settled, building started in early September and handover was done on November 22, 2013…the perfect Christmas present! Many of our friends had told us horror stories about building a new home…the constant delays, the extra costs, etc.. But we never experienced any of these. Communications with Peter were never an issue and Matt, the Building Supervisor, was available any time to answer our questions and extremely helpful. Even the building crew were happy to answer any questions we had or explain what they were doing. The whole process was pleasant, efficient and fast. In actuality, one of the builders we had considered had started building a house at the same time as ours and when we took possession of our home, their house was still only half completed!

Today, we live in a house that looks as good as many ‘display’ homes and built to the highest standard. Our house has an energy efficiency rating well above the norm (our last electricity bill proved that) and the quality of the inclusions is excellent ( the Actron A/C unit installed has to be one of the most efficient units we have ever experienced) and the build quality is also way superior to what most builders achieve based on our experience.

We would like to thank Peter, Matt and the whole team of builders, contractors and suppliers for providing us with our dream home!!

If you’re in the market to build a new home and wondering if there such a thing as a ‘perfect’ builder then the answer is yes….they’re called Superior Homes…do yourself a favor and give them a call…you won’t regret it!! “