Shane Gresinger

Superior Homes

"In 2013, I had my new home built by Superior Homes. Put it this way, I have never seen a house constructed this quickly and efficiently,and at every turn something new was happening on a continuous basis. Impressive, 7 weeks to build rain included, I never had any problems and the home was just built the way I wanted. What more could I ask for?

There was only one mistake and that was an oversight of mine where I forgot to add something to the house but Peter said no worries and just did it free of charge, no hassle.

Having built homes in the past,you always had some problems, but with this there were none. Peter and his team, I noticed operated differently to other builders, the point I make and that I am impressed with what he does by having his trades people in on timely fashion and as one is finished the other is on the job ready to go or they are all there working as a team and solve any issues on the spot. He uses a system to build his homes on a smooth continuous flowing process called a timeline, this is how it is done quicklyin a very professional manner. Smart thinking. The building site was kept clean at all times even as far as having a vacuum cleaner on site, impressive. The finish on the house was top qualityand the workmanship was second to none as everything was done with precision.
  • In all, what I asked for I got and more!
  • If you ask me would I build through Superior homes again? That is a 110% yes,
  • Would I recommend him and his team to anyone that is a 110% yes.
  • Am I happy with my home? Damn right I am.
I LIKE TO THANK ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN BUILDING MY HOME, YOU IMPRESSED THIS LITTLE BLACK DUCK. When I decide to build again I know who I will be calling "Superior Homes" I am impressed! Great job."